Our Ranch and Stable

The Ranch House
The Stable and meadow below
Inside The Stable

We provide quality horse boarding services

We board one horse for each stall and paddock on a monthly basis. The included monthly services are 2 times a day feeding, stall cleanup, tack room for your saddle and riding gear, hay storage (you provide the hay), use of the arena for riding, and private secure access to the stable. Additional services include pasture turnout on a per day basis for fee. If you have other questions or you are interested with boarding at Ancient Oaks Stables, please get in touch with us using our contacts page.

How We provide our services


We feed in the morning and evenings.  Each horse gets a flake of hay at each feeding (approximately 5 lbs.) If you have special diet supplements we can take care of including what you provide.    

Stall Cleanup

Each stall has rubber mats with automatic water bowl which we maintain. Both stalls and paddocks are cleaned up once a day except Sundays. Any special covering such as shavings is not provided.    

Tack Room

We provide shelf space, wall space, and floor space for saddles, tack, and other gear.

Hay Storage

We have a central area where you can store your hay.  It is up to you to provide the hay.  We will track its usage and let you know when more is needed..

Private gated entrance

Our ranch entrance has a private gated entrance with an electronic key code to open it. Each boarder will receive a unique code after the boarding agreement is signed. The boarder may not give the code to anyone.    

Arena and pasture use

The arena and pasture are available for for riding and exercising your horse.  They are available from 10:00 to dusk. Any droppings left in the arena by your horse are the boarder's responsability to clean up. Pasture turnout is on a daily basis for fee.

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